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Hi, I'm Krystal Baca!
CEO of Grace Greater than Titles

Grace Greater than Titles first took root during seasons of my life that were full of mistakes, hurt, loneliness, and pain. During these seasons, I was lost and struggled greatly with my calling as a pastor. In truth, I used the title before my name to hide the fact that I wasn’t okay. The title before my name pressured me to act perfect when in fact, I was anything but perfect. Me, a pastor, was far from okay and no one realized it. People would constantly come to me for counsel and refuge, and yet I had no one to do the same. Where was I supposed to go to seek refuge and counsel? Where was my safe place? I didn’t have one. I felt like I couldn’t have one. Fear of rejection, fear of judgement, and fear of losing my ministry stopped me completely from looking for help. Then, one day God reminded me that I am not alone. There is more people out there like me. There are more pastors, and leaders, and believers who feel alone or feel the pressure to be “perfect” before the congregation. And so, birthed Grace Greater than Titles. A safe place to be authentic and transparent to receive freedom from these toxic ideologies. A safe place where one knows that they aren’t alone and that they never have been. A safe place to say, “I don’t have it together, but I will move forward.”  Because yes, we may have these titles, but we too are in need of the grace we preach unto others. I pray Grace Greater than Titles can be a voice of hope and a voice of encouragement. I pray Grace Greater than Titles can be the safe place pastors and leaders can find the help they have been longing for. I pray Grace Greater than Titles can be a blessing to you all! 


I am broken but beautiful, I am a sinner but saved by grace. I am a Pastor but Grace is greater than my title!

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