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Maybe Just Maybe... By Larry Garza

Would it be strange to start this with a prayer? O well... Jesus, I pray that in the next few moments of whoever is reading this would come to understand that You are in movement. I ask that you give strength where it needs to be given and force rest where we believe there needs to be strength. In Jesus name, Amen y Amen.

Quick intro of myself, Hello. My name is Larry. I am a husband to the most amazing person in my world. I have three kids that scare me to death because of how fast they are developing. I have a full-time job working in the Information Technology department at school district. I am and have been a Young Adult and Youth Pastor at my local church for seven years. And for the last 3 years I’ve had the responsibility/honor to serve as at District Youth Director for the Northwest Hispanic District. So again, Hi and thank you for having me. :)

A few years ago my daughter was waking up whimpering, “My feet and legs are busy. They are busy, mommy and daddy. Ouchy...”

It’s took my wife and I a couple of weeks to truly understand what Ellie was trying to tell us. Now before you go on judging us, you first have to understand that my daughter is a non- normal sleeper. As soon as she climbs into any bed, or areas where she can sleep, it’s a free for all. Her legs and arms, at times, appear to be detached from her body. She is in constant movement until she finds that spot or position that takes her to REM. So, when she climbs into our bed at ungodly hours of the night and dose everything in her power, no matter who she is in bed with, to find her position and spot you can’t blame us for our communication struggles.

At first I would just grab her legs and gently shake them and put her into, what I consider, a normal sleeping position. That didn’t seem to help. Her “feet and legs were still busy.” As this repeated for a few nights my wife, who is wise & amazing, finally decoded the message. Ellie is having, “growing pains.”

Isn’t life  full of “growing pains” moments? Things that wake us up from our so called “perfect” positions. And yet, It is amazing that God created the human body as well as the human soul to endure the short moments of pain for life long effects of growth. I believe, God did not intend the human condition to stay in a state of dullness. He created life to be full for humanity to enjoy of His creations and to grow in the processes of all these enjoyments. He also created the journey to endure the “valleys of shadows and death” and in both paths there should be something that we can take away from it. When growth is intentional then the journey becomes much more wonderful.

It was King Saul who would write this... “Never walk away from Wisdom—she guards your life; love her—she keeps her eye on you.” – Pro. 4:6 The Message

Wisdom is a key component to surviving those short moments of pain, and the key component for growth. King Saul start’s with a unique phrase, “Never walk away...” Like if he was saying to never walk for those moments that will guide you toward growth. But wait, that sounds counterintuitive right? Shouldn’t we avoid the “pains” at all cost? No. If we walk away form those moments then what is truly gained? Growth comes form learning experiences. You didn’t learn to master using a spoon without spilling wherever your were trying to eat first or go throw a “bad” season of life without learning to enjoy the “good” season. Things like this make life’s journey that much more exciting. It’s when the perspective changes and you start to see all things as opportunities verses defeats. Then Saul finishes with this,

“she guards your life; love her—she keeps her eye on you” To some of you this sounds like there perfect #wifeygoal, but Wisdom truly will guard your life. So love her because without her you will continue not understanding where God’s journey takes you. Find reassurance that “she keeps her eye on you”, because it reaffirms that her attention is on you as yours is on her. So maybe just maybe... your “busy, hurting, painful, un- perfect, joyful, peaceful, full, or perfect” moments are all a way for you to experience a God that wants you to grow and be wiser for it. Just because He loves you!

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